Brainwash prints

Mr Brainwash is known to be the most provocative artist of the streets whose arts have been sold to elite people of the society. Mr Brainwash’s name is Thierry Guetta and he is known to put on display the thought provoking art that revolves around conveying serious messages to the world. The prints of brainwash’s arts are very popular among all kinds of people and all across the world. Something is very peculiar about the art of Brainwash that is promising and very convenient at the same time. Brainwash believes that art doesn’t have any rules and that anybody can be an artist. He further claims that art has no manual to it. The same way his art prints speak: working on our wildest imaginations and bringing them to life on the streets or anywhere he likes. You can now have a look on his most peculiar works that are fascinating as well as speak volumes about human integrity. The art prints are available to purchase online which will be delivered to you by us.

He was the main figure of the documentary: ‘Exit through the Gift Shop ’. He was filmed while working on the streets making different arts that are now up for sale as prints and are most sought after. In this world anything is possible when it comes to art and hence we have the most freestyle art work prints added in the gallery for you to choose from. Art prints vary as there are a lot of themes covered and hence presented by one of the finest artists of our times for people to look at and wonder.



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