Shepard Fairey prints

Shepard Fairey is a well-known name in the world of graphic designs and prints. Shepard Fairey initiated his career by working as a freestyle graffiti artist with the ‘Obey Giant Sticker Campaign’ in the year 1989. The style of Shepard Fairey is unique and mainly is the criticism of advertising world and the propagandas related to it. Since the art of Shepard Fairey openly displays criticism against the usual ways of the advertising world, the main focus is generally breaking the nutshell and creating an impact on the habitual patterns of thinking. The limited edition prints of Shepard Fairey’s work sell like hot cakes among the people. We have made some additions to the gallery which have Shepard’s art prints that are available to buy online.

Fairey is a renounced artist in the world mainly because of his political view that is reflected in his arts and prints. When it comes to art he is an all-rounder and you can see that in his work. His works are varied and target many propagandas that human race is facing almost every day. The art prints are up for sale and can be directly bought here by just a simple click. We take care of the handling and the delivery part of the art prints.

For Shepard, it all started with the half day job he used to work on at a skateboarding shop. He started making stickers for the skateboards which he very much enjoyed. In his work include the famous propaganda poster of Barack Obama, the trademark of Obey, pictures of Andre the Giant and other different works.



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